TBKS Guides: Everything You Need To Know About Sash Windows

Monday, 15th of October 2018

The term "sash windows" is used interchangeably with the term "box sash windows", and frequently used to describe the same thing.

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Window Stays For Top Hinged Windows

Thursday, 14th of July 2016

Although a window stay or restrictor may seem like a less valuable feature of your windows, its importance should not be forgotten. Window stays are valuable for both smooth operation and security to keep your furniture in good working order. In our high quality

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Window Locks – What, Where & Why?

Tuesday, 29th of September 2015

When you are thinking about the security of your property, the first thing most people think of are the doors. Windows are often overlooked as occupants come and go via doors, not windows. This is not always the case for intruders though.

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Why Should I Consider Ironmongery Before I’m Going To Need It?

Wednesday, 23rd of September 2015

Very often the ironmongery choices are considered towards the end of the project. This is not surprising as the ironmongery requirement is often part of the final finish and should not be fitted while there is still a chance that the items might be damaged

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Top 6 Types Of Window

Friday, 5th of June 2015

Windows are available in a variety of designs and sizes and while this means having different opening mechanisms and structures to choose from, it also involves different materials. Not only does a window hold a practical purpose for light and air, but it

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