What Is Knurling? Textured, Etched & Patterned Door Hardware

You've probably seen it already on countless practical tools, decorative items and functional features, but what exactly is knurling? Even more intriguing is why this distinctive diamond-style pattern has become all the rage with interior designers and homeowners

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Why Are Hammered Metal Finishes So Popular?

From period-style patterns to stunning patinas and rustic textures, there are many different door furniture finishes to add idiosyncratic style and charm to any interior. Modern homeowners tend to lean into the minimalist look of clean lines and simple finishes,

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8 Best Antique, Distressed & Vintage-Style Door Handles

Period-style properties, traditional homes and vintage-inspired abodes all need to be finished off with the right door furniture that's in harmony with your overall aesthetic. Most of the time, door hardware serves as a purely functional feature, but it can

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Polished Vs Satin Chrome Door Handles: What's The Difference?

Choosing the right door hardware finishes not only address the finer details of a room, they also set the tone of your entire interior design aesthetic in an eye-catching yet understated way. As home style trends become more diverse, unique, innovative and

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Why Are Door Knobs & Handles Often Made Of Brass?

Whether your home is modern or traditional in style, there's a strong chance that your internal doors will be adorned with lustrous brass door knobs or handles. For centuries, door hardware has been crafted from this sturdy yet stunning metal alloy, but it

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