Window Stays For Top Hinged Windows

Although a window stay or restrictor may seem like a less valuable feature of your windows, its importance should not be forgotten. Window stays are valuable for both smooth operation and security to keep your furniture in good working order. In our high quality

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How To Maintain Black Iron

As a ferrous base metal, black iron is susceptible to rusting and exposure to harsh environments. If it is not properly maintained, this rust can perpetuate quickly and possibly cause premature failure of the product and staining of the wood. Therefore when

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How To Clean Lacquered Brass

Although the vast majority of brassware on the market today has been lacquered in production, the brass should not be polished, but instead cleaned. Brass that is lacquered will feature with a clear layer and tarnish will only show up if a crack appears on

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Where & Why You Need To Fit Lever Handles

Door lever handles are considered suitable for most environments and also offer other benefits. They are particularly helpful when you need to get through a door with your hands full and don’t require you to turn the knob to get into the room. Not only do

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How To Clean Chrome & Nickel Plate

Although chrome and nickel plated items are relatively easy to keep clean, there are ways in which you can ensure the two materials are kept well for a long period of time. As the metals are relatively unreactive, they generally require little maintenance.

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