Home is where you are meant to feel safe and relaxed. However, did you know that many homes are at risk from being broken into due to having ill-fitting locks or inappropriate windows and front doors? At TBKS we take the issue of home security very seriously, so have created an easy to follow list of tips so that your windows and doors are secure and performing at their very best. Take a look at these below;

Have Your Windows and Door Locks Checked by a Professional

Many can think that their home is perfectly safe, but a professional may offer some key changes and notice issues with your door and window locks that you may have missed. Having a professional check your window and door security is also a good way to ensure that they align with your insurance policy, so if anything does go wrong, you are covered.

Upgrade Your Locks to Meet Current Standards

If your locks need to be changed, make sure that they are changed to meet current standards. The current British Standard for thief-resistant locks is BS 3621. This means that the new locks fitted need to meet this standard. Ensure that you check with your locksmith and your insurers before fitting. Our Double Locking Night Latch British Standard (BS3621) features a stainless steel latch bolt with anti-thrust protection. It automatically deadlocks when the door is closed, making it ideal for extra security wherever you require it. 

Invest in Extra Security Measures

Even after having your doors and windows checked, there are some extra security measures that you can take to provide you with peace of mind and make forced entry more difficult. Items such as door chains help to jam the door if it is opened and they also allow you to open the door slightly to speak to someone you are unsure of. We stock an excellent range of door chains including our best selling Marcus Door Chain which is an affordable option, available in a variety of finishes.

Protect Your French Doors

French doors are often forgotten about as one of the most vulnerable access points to your home. It can seem difficult to find a suitable lock for them, luckily we offer a range of French door locks that will provide you with extra security. The From The Anvil French Door Multi-point Lock allows your door to be locked from inside or out and is suitable for securing flush French timber doors.

Invest in Secure Window Locks

Statistics have shown that 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked window or door. While your windows may already have locks, manufacturer latches aren’t always 100% effective. To reinforce the security of your window we have locks for both Casement Windows and Sash Windows, with a choice of styles, designs and finishes to suit any home.

Our entire home security range can be found here, all of which is designed to enhance and improve the security of your home. For further advice, including tips and tricks from experts, be sure to check out our other blog posts here.