Door Knobs vs Door Lever: Which Should I Choose?

Friday, 23rd of September 2016

When it comes to picking door furniture, we usually consider the handle to be something of personal taste. We’re so used to seeing door levers, knobs and other fixings that we don’t put much thought into which is more practical. While there is no single

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Guide To Buying Door Knobs

Thursday, 17th of March 2016

Although door knobs should be a straightforward item to purchase, there are some things to be aware of before buying. You need to consider style, size and finish and decide whether it is appropriate for the appearance of your home. Door knobs have a simple

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Where & Why You Need To Fit Lever Handles

Wednesday, 17th of February 2016

Door lever handles are considered suitable for most environments and also offer other benefits. They are particularly helpful when you need to get through a door with your hands full and don’t require you to turn the knob to get into the room. Not only do

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Guide To Hardware For Fire Doors

Thursday, 12th of November 2015

When it comes to fitting hardware for fire doors, it is important to remember that the items you attempt to fit depend on the situation you have. Fire doors can be found in both residential and commercial properties, so you will need to investigate what fitting

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Why Should I Consider Ironmongery Before I’m Going To Need It?

Wednesday, 23rd of September 2015

Very often the ironmongery choices are considered towards the end of the project. This is not surprising as the ironmongery requirement is often part of the final finish and should not be fitted while there is still a chance that the items might be damaged

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