Interior lighting has long since transcended the basic necessities of brightening up a room. In fact, modern lighting has now become an essential decor detail that can be used to compliment the style of your home, create an ambience or even focus on a particular area, with dramatic or focus-pulling access lighting.

From oversized chandeliers to layered lighting and the lucrative LED market; there are a plethora of new, exciting and emerging lighting trends that are already transforming peoples homes. But one style that's really set to make an impact is Pendant Lighting.

In our latest blog, TBKS will take you through all the key questions you need to ask yourself before you go ahead and hang a pendant light - from choosing your next pendant illumination to installation and even shedding light on the unique designs that we have to offer.

What Are Pendant Lights?

Just like a jewellery pendant hangs illustriously from its chain, a pendant light is an elegant illumination that consists of a single bulb fixture that is suspended from your ceiling by a straight-hanging cord. The bulb is either bare, or more often covered with a decorative shade that features design characteristics that reflect an array of trends and decors.

Pendants lighting is a very long-established and time-honoured form of illumination that has seen a resurgence in popularity, likely sustained by its functional and fashionable appeal. Whereas incredibly ornate and lavish chandeliers can look out of place in many homes, pendants provide a similar level of elegance in a more understated way.

How Do I Choose A Pendant Light Style?

If you're weighing up whether to buy a pendant light, consider the following:

  • The style of your light and the room it will be occupying
  • The size of your light in relation to surrounding features
  • The material finish of your pendant light.

The wonderful thing about pendant lights is that they're incredibly versatile and will fit seamlessly into almost any home. Whether you live in a rustic country cottage or you own a sleek, modern apartment, you'll be able to enjoy the sophisticated charm of a pendant light which has the power to elevate almost any room.

Where Should I Install My Pendant Light?

Pendant lights add brightness, focus and feature to a range of different interior settings. Typically pendants look best in dining rooms and kitchens, but can also be at home in bathrooms when positioned over baths or sink units. When you're thinking about how your pendant will hang in your room of choice, take surrounding lighting into account as well as the furniture and other design elements in your chosen room.

Pendants will almost always look great when hung from the centre of a room - particularly in dining rooms - where long tables occupy a large amount of central space and your stunning lighting can hang down to offer detail and atmosphere. In more functional settings such as home working spaces and kitchens, you may want to consider hanging your pendants over your workstation or kitchen island to use your lighting to its full, practical effect.

What Pendant Lights Do We Offer?

At TBKS, we stock a selection of eye-catching and beautifully crafted pendant lights to elevate the style and radiance of any modern or traditional home.

From the Anvil Harborne Hammered Nickel Pendant

The epitome of classic British style, our Harborne Hammered Nickel Pendant Light is the perfect blend of traditional design work and lavish modern finishing. This pendant light will be the focal point of any contemporary space or cutting-edge apartment.

From the Anvil Brindley Smooth Aged Brass Pendant

For those looking for something a little more traditional, the Brindley Smooth Aged Brass Pendant is a timeless and luxurious choice to style up any conventional dining room or elegant kitchen interior with warm, natural and glistening brass colour tones.

From the Anvil Hockley Smooth Burnished Pendant

This statement-making pendant light features a flattering silhouette, a dramatic burnished finish and generous sizing to give any room a striking identity. If you're looking to inject some real character and modern charm into your home, this fantastic pendant will really set the scene.