Whether your home is modern or traditional in style, there's a strong chance that your internal doors will be adorned with lustrous brass door knobs or handles. For centuries, door hardware has been crafted from this sturdy yet stunning metal alloy, but it wasn't merely chosen for its attractive visual appeal.

In fact, the use of brass in doorware situations transcends any trend and defies any style. It's a time-honoured and historically significant material, regarded highly to this day by door hardware specialists, architectural ironmongers and interior designers.

So, why are knobs and handles often made of brass?

In our latest blog, TBKS will swing open the doors of knowledge, giving you the key reasons why brass door hardware has endured through time and tradition, remaining as robustly relevant as ever.

Why Are Door Knobs & Handles Often Made Of Brass?

Doorknobs were originally made from ceramics, porcelain and china - with this type of door furniture peaking in popularity between 1850 and 1900. However, towards the end of the 1800s, brass became the most popular material for door knobs thanks to its durability as well as its rust resistant properties and added aesthetic appeal. Nowadays, we still use brass for its characteristic strength, smoothness and long-lasting beauty, but also for a more scientific purpose as well.

Due to its copper and zinc composition, brass has been shown to have an antimicrobial effect; killing harmful bacteria and helping to reduce the spread of surface transmission from person to person. With around 80% of infectious illnesses spread by touch, opting for brass door knobs and handles can manage and reduce bacterial contamination with incredible efficacy, while also giving you all the interior appeal and day-to-day ruggedness you require from a practical piece of door hardware.

In terms of visual beauty, brass has a timeless appeal, with a stunning, sleek and stylish look that suits the most contemporary settings or carefully restored period properties. Once installed, you'll enjoy a dazzling finish that will hardly ever show signs of wear and won't corrode nearly as easily as inferior door hardware materials.

Looking to incorporate some high quality and beautifully designed brass door furniture into your home? TBKS offer a stunning range from the most trusted brands, including Lansdown, Marcus and From The Anvil.

Lansdown British Made Bun Mortice Knob

Designed to be fitted onto any internal door with a mortice latch or lock, this stunning solid brass knob comes with a stunning, smooth and classic design that will perfectly compliment many different home interiors.

Marcus Stepped Centre Round Door Knob

For some subtle ornate detail, this Stepped Centre Round Door Knob is an elegant choice that has been manufactured to the highest standard by Marcus, giving you a truly dazzling and timeless piece to enjoy.

From The Anvil Reeded Slimline Multipoint Lever

This sleek and reeded multipoint lever is perfectly embellished with beautiful detailing on the handle, making it the perfect choice for traditional homes as well as trendy, modern apartments and even Hampton-styled interiors.