Choosing the right door hardware finishes not only address the finer details of a room, they also set the tone of your entire interior design aesthetic in an eye-catching yet understated way. As home style trends become more diverse, unique, innovative and modern, the number of unique finishes available broadens.

From the nostalgic patina of antique brass to the old fashioned charm of aged bronze and the sleek, contemporary stylings of matte black; door hardware says a huge amount about your home without overstating the theme your going for and only enhances your interior design vision, bringing it to the forefront of what you're trying to achieve.

Although many homeowners, architects and interior designers will want to hone in on a very specific theme for a room - opting for bold, niche and statement-making door handles, knobs and door furniture - your home may still require something a little more versatile and timeless. Chrome was, and still is, a finish capable of adapting to a wide range of traditional abodes and minimalist apartments, but modern techniques and contemporary tastes have subdivided chrome into two very popular finishes: Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome.

Although the differences may seem subtle or even interchangeable, in our latest blog TBKS will reveal why polished and satin finishes are actually quite dissimilar in terms of their visual characteristics and aesthetic appeal, giving your room unique design personalities that you need to be aware of.

What's The Difference Between Polished Chrome & Satin Chrome Door Handles?

Chrome is a decorative finish that is created using a technique called electroplating. During this process, a layer of chromium is applied to your door furniture to provide lustrous visual appeal, corrosion resistance and easy-cleaning properties.

Polished chrome is an incredibly shiny, glossy and reflective type of chrome that usually suits more traditional abodes and features a gleaming mirror finish that is somewhat akin to a classic brass finish. Although other factors such as ornate or minimal design features will also influence the suitability of your door hardware, polished chrome is likely going to be the best choice for period-style properties, barn conversions, country homes and similar traditional abodes.

Satin chrome has a subtle, muted lustre that doesn't reflect light like the dazzling polished chrome finishes. Instead, satin chrome acts almost like a matte finish with a slightly darker complexion and very light, textured brushing. This gives satin a rich and silky, almost fabric-esque finish - as the name suggests. Satin is therefore better suited to modern homes, contemporary apartments and minimalist aesthetics that capitalise on understatement and demure visual allure.

Whereas polished chrome has an old-fashioned-luxury feel and a glimmering ostentatious quality, satin chrome appeals to more neutral, low key, modern styles that have a functional appeal or a more interesting, textured edge. For these reasons, satin tends to be a practical choice, appealing to office spaces and stripped back contemporary homes, whereas polished chrome will accentuate already elaborate features such as decorative architraves, beading and recessed panels.

From the Anvil Regency Reeded Polished Chrome Lever

Perfect for traditional homes and period properties, this ornately constructed and stylish door handle comes with a glistening polished chrome finish and reeded end details to suit any classic interior. Choose from a range of different handle options to suit every room of your home, including Latch, Lock, Bathroom, On Rose and more.

Marcus Delta Satin Chrome Door Handle

Ultra sleek and minimal, the Marcus Delta Door Handle will make a statement in any modern home or office space. The stunning semi-lustrous look to the satin chrome finish will be a functional and attractive addition to any internal door and is also available in Lock, Latch, Bathroom or Euro Profile options.