When it comes to choosing your door hardware and considering style and function, there are certain rules that you need to abide by before you begin the installation process. With thousands of different handles, knobs and fittings out there, find of the correct components for you can feel complicated and confusing - but TBKS are here to prove otherwise.

We've condensed the myriad designs down into 7 simple types of handle and knob that are not only designed to serve a very specific purpose, but will accentuate either the period setting or the modern finish of any traditional or contemporary inspired home.

Before purchasing any form of door hardware, consider the following:

- Visual appeal

- Privacy value

- Security elements

- Design, theme and style

- Function

To make things easier TBKS have kept the style of the knobs and handles in this guide similar in theme to give you a sense of how a particular style and function can fit together around your home.

The Front Door Handle

Front door handles are the ultimate statement piece and luxurious focal point for any front door. Opting for something high-end and weighty like this BrassArt Princess Centre Knob will look brilliant year-round, without ageing, dating, or succumbing to the effects of the weather.

Hallway Handles

Hallways, corridors and passageways in your home are usually fairly narrow and can be awkward to move around in. Therefore you need to opt for a door knob as opposed to a handle which could catch on clothing or simply protrude awkwardly from adjacent doorways.

When Do I Need A Dummy Knob?

Dummy knobs have no internal mechanisms with no need for a mortise or holes through the door. They are essential for cabinets, cupboards, closets, wardrobes and other slim utility style doors. These types of knobs tend to be small and unobstrusive, therefore you can subtly draw together your door furniture theme by opting for a complementary finish and style.

Living Room Door Handle

Living room handles require a little bit of everything in terms of look, design, function and practicality. Your front room is an opportunity to show off your interior style in the best light possible, so don't sacrifice style for substance and vice versa.

Bedroom Door Handle

Bedroom door handles can be a little more elaborate and ornate in their design since it's less of a practical or social room than the living room. It's also one of the more private rooms in your home, so you can consider a lever lock door handle or similar functional accessory for a little extra peace of mind.

Therefore you can think much more creatively about the design you choose, fitting more lavish and intricate handles that will work to develop and emphasise your aesthetic design.

Bathroom Door Handle

Similar to the bedroom, household bathrooms also require privacy, but with more of an efficient and practical twist. The Marcus Georgian Door Handle comes with a 'bathroom lever' option that is crafted with an in-built turning latch that can be locked and unlocked easily from the inside, without the need for keys.

Marcus Tudor Black Iron Gate Latch

Any external or garden gates don't require that you conform to your interior design scheme. You can instead opt in favour of a more rustic, inconspicuous and unshowy design that will provide function over form.