When it comes to giving your bathroom a 5 star makeover, often it's the little details that really stand out. Austrian made, beautifully crafted and striking to look at, the Swarovski Crystal range from TBKS will give your fixtures and fittings a touch of star-studded glamour with simple, subtle and tasteful details. So if you're looking to introduce some crystal embellishments to your bathroom without resorting to flashy or tacky alternatives, take a look at our top 5 handpicked fittings that you absolutely must buy!


Bathroom Origins S8 Swarovski Towel Rail

Available in three different sizes to suit different wall spaces and bathroom sizes, this towel rail is simple, yet sophisticated. Choose from highest quality polished chrome or 24 carat gold finishes, complete with luxuriously timeless crystal details. If you're looking to banish bland bathroom rails, this fitting will effortlessly add a touch of class wherever you choose to install it.



Bathroom Origins S8 Swarovski Soap Dish

Inject some sparkling crystal features into your sink area, with this understated and gorgeous soap dish. Made from beautiful frosted glass, and available in either polished chrome or gold, the dish itself is supported by a string of glittering jewels that really catch your eye.



Bathroom Origins S8 Swarovski Soap Dispenser

If you're looking for a soap dispenser rather than a dish then look no further than this truly stunning option available in sleek silver or glamorous gold. Soap dispensers can be messy and inelegant, but the build quality of TBKS products will reassure you that you will get the very best out of every fitting, thanks to the superb design and well thought out construction.



Bathroom Origins S8 Swarovski Toilet Roll Holder with Flap

Don't neglect your fittings and fixtures with unsightly toilet accessories, instead go for something that will instantly smarten up your whole bathroom. One of the hardest fitting to get right, toilet fittings such as roll holders should be in keeping with the rest of the bathroom without drawing too much unnecessary attention. This holder with flap manages to conceal the roll itself whilst adding a little bit of shimmering crystal to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.



Bathroom Origins S8 Swarovski WC Brush Set

A toilet brush holder that manages to meld form and function when you mount this piece onto your bathroom wall with seamless effect. Featured in both polished chrome and 24 carat gold, it also features a frosted glass base and a long stylish handle to make sure your bathroom doesn't lose an ounce of sophistication.