When we think of elegance, words like traditional, graceful, stylish and sophisticated come to mind. But for those looking to give there living room a sleek, simple twist, knowing which features you need to change give instantly give your room a chic makeover can feel like a bit of a mystery...

So to get you started, TBKS are going to run through the key points of interest in your home that bring your elegant vision to life.

Play Around With Patterns

Experimenting with beautiful, striking and ornate patterns and a combination of different designs across your curtains, cushions and furnishings will help you to assemble that classically elegant look. Remember, elegance is about lightness of touch so don't go overboard here; consider pastel colours and demure patterns that have a delicacy and subtly to them.

Atmospheric Lighting 

Lighting is really crucial to setting the tone and mood for your room - you can create a stunning and evocative look with a showstopping chandelier or carefully placed lamps for a more intimate effect in the evening. When it comes to looking for the perfect elegant lighting, it's your opportunity to go as grand and ostentatious as possible.

Textured Surfaces

Elegant decor is all about building elaborate layers of colours, patterns and even texture. Making use of iridescent colours and characterful decorative wallpaper designs will create a scintillating look in any living room. Always consider muted colours and low key patterns that left the textured effect do the work for you. Making use of extremely ornate and striking wallpaper also means that you can opt for a little more simplicity when it comes to picking out your furniture.

Focus On The Details 

Often it's the finishing touches that really complete the look and create that air of authenticity... If you're looking those all important details to really put an individual stamp on your newly designed and elegant living room, take a look at our Traditional Door Knobs selection and find a fitting that will suit your home perfectly.

Get Eclectic

Although we associate elegance with a level of poise and perfectly arranged visual elements,  don't be afraid to be daring with your choice of furnishings. Whether it's a funky mirror or an offbeat colour scheme, find