Creating the perfect finishing touches to your home can be daunting.  There are so many styles and colours of designer ironmongery available now, it can be tricky to know where to start!  We hope that you find some of the advice and information here useful when selecting products to add to your home.

Mixing and matching metal finishes could go horribly wrong, but when done right, can give great aesthetic pleasure, adding visual interest and depth to any room.  Don’t be afraid to choose one dominant metal for the space and then opt for just one or two different metals to really accent and complete the look you have in mind. Don’t be afraid to carry this dominant metal or finish throughout the whole room, which will not only give balance but context too. A great example of this look would be to complement a modern, stainless steel kitchen with some cast iron or even brass, door handles, pulls and accessories. In our opinion, the Marcus Bauhaus Cabinet Pull or the Armac Martin Bournville Kitchen Pull, will do just this.  Both of these designer ironmongery products are available in a choice of different sizes and many assorted finishes to complete the look you desire.

Warm and cool tones can really compliment each other.  Gold, brass and nickel are warm metals and they offer a luxurious burst of both colour and texture when they are paired with the cooler metals such as chrome or silver.  Lots of metals work really well, all together, so there is no need to stick to an unnecessary monochrome look. The key is to ensure contrast and that each finish is a thoughtful addition to your space.  Choosing too many similar products that are not identical could look like a careless, messy mistake.

The choice of metal finishes is almost endless in today’s world of designer ironmongery.  Mixing it up and combining two different finishes, but sticking to one metal will provide a beautifully diverse effect whilst keeping within a more uniformed style.  For example; pairing the polished chrome Carlisle Brass Ibra Lever Door Handle alongside the Tapered Casement Window Fastener in a satin finish will do just that and compliment each other perfectly.

Another fantastic way to combine designer ironmongery in a mixture of metals and finishes within one room, would be to separate them by height.  This style could be achieved by matching lighting fixtures with curtain accessories such as our From The Anvil Curtain Pole and From The Anvil Ball Curtain Finials, in pewter.  Then to really compliment and contrast this style, you may like to consider more contemporary door furniture such as the eye-catching Fulton & Bray Bubble Glass Ball Mortice Knob.  There are so many options available for you to choose from, including everything from switches and sockets to products you may not have even considered such as hinges and bolts.  We are certain you won’t be disappointed by the range of styles and variety of finishes that are available.

If you are just starting out with your mixing and matching metals and finishes journey, you will soon discover your own style and how easy it becomes to introduce elegance to any part of your home.