Your home should always feel safe and although your favourite interior fittings and furnishings help create a relaxing environment, what will truly give you peace of mind when you're at home or away is trustworthy and reliable security solutions. TBKS has put together a guide to our tough, long-lasting products to keep your home secure all-year-round.

Mortice Locks & Latches

The best place to start for upgrading your home security is with a high quality mortice lock and latch. Far more secure than many other forms of lock, it uses the strength of the door frame to derive most of its security, with the locking design concealed within the door making it harder to break in.

Mortice locks are more tricky to fit than bored cylindrical locks as it requires accurate and fiddly removal of the door wood, making it a job more suited to professionals than DIY home owners. However, as home security options go, a properly fitted mortice lock is incredibly robust and difficult for a burglar to pick, making it a cost effective and reliable solution for most homes.

Rim Locks

Rim locks consist of a box mounted on the door, containing both a latch and lock within the housing itself. Locks can have a key and keyhole and others have a snib latch that can be pushed across for rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Although rim locks are mainly used for interior security, Yale night latches are great for exterior doors and are easier to install than mortice locks, providing a very high level of security when installed correctly. You will still need to drill through the door, but less modification of the door wood itself is needed upon integration.


Door cylinder or barrel locks, as they can be referred to, are security measures installed on UPVC doors. Upgrading to a high-quality euro-cylinder lock is not only incredibly cost-effective and easy to do but they resist a range of different burglary methods such as lock bumping, drilling, picking and snapping. The build quality of euro cylinders and British Standards Institution Kitemark also help to deter potential criminals.

Security Accessories

From mortice bolt keys to hasp and staple locks, our security accessories feature a selection of products that amount to brilliant home security. We even stock patio door locks, Anvil window bolts and stay keys to make sure every aspect of your home is protected.

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