Letter plates are not only a vital component in front door mail retrieval, they're also essential in completing your front door furniture finish and style. Not to be confused with letter boxes - the name given to containers that typically attach to your front door or the external and internal through-door structures - letter plates are decorative rectangular flaps that cover the letterbox hole and are lifted to allow post to fall through.

At TBKS, our letter plates come in a selection of sizes and finishes to suit the modern, traditional, ornate and minimalist styles of your home and are designed to match perfectly with other door furniture such as handles, knobs and door knockers.

So once your style and selected finish has been chosen, what size letter plate do you need?

In this blog, we'll guide you through how to select the right letter plate size to either replace an existing plate or cover a brand new letterbox void.

Are All Letter Plates The Same Size?

Letter plates don't come in a one-size-fits-all, universal size. The dimensions of your letter plate will be determined by the new or existing letterbox aperture in your front door, so make sure you have these crucial measurements to hand when you consider purchasing a new letter plate.

All letter apertures should allow for an A4 sheet of paper to fit easily through your front door, without any bending, curling or crushing of the post as it goes through. Not only does this size recommendation stop your mail from being damaged, it also prevents opportunists from stealing any post that may have become lodged in the letter aperture.

There will be instances where you'll have to opt for a smaller letter plate, such as in an elaborately ornate or panelled door design, but a popular width to aim for is around or above 230mm if you're faced with a new letterbox project. The height should also not be large enough for fingers or hands to easily pass through. To fit a letter plate perfectly, make sure that the fixing centres fit as closely as possible to the aperture. Some minor adjustments may be required to allow for the letter plate flap. At TBKS, we offer a range of different sizes to make sure you can almost always find a letter plate to fit your letter aperture.

Marcus Letter Plate

Our bestselling Marcus Letter Plate comes in a range of versatile finishes, including Matt Bronze, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Antique Brass and many more to coordinate your furniture finishes perfectly, to achieve a smart, uniform and congruent look throughout your home.

The sizes available range from 203mm x 76mm to 411mm x 125mm with aperture details also given to help make the fitting process easier.

Karcher Satin Stainless Steel Letter Plate

For the smartest and most contemporary front doors, the Karcher Satin Stainless Steel Letter Plate comes with an elegant and high quality design of clean lines and sleek aesthetic beauty. Great for modern flats and apartments, the overall dimensions of this plate are 305mm x 110mm x 10mm.

Croft Postal Knocker

A beautiful and traditional melding of door knocker and letter plate, this classically shaped piece of door furniture is stunningly designed and made from premium quality materials from The Croft Foundry. Available in sizes from 203mm x 70mm to 305mm x 102mm.

From the Anvil Large Letter Plate

This sprung-loaded letter plate has been made using From The Anvils mix of CNC technology and hot forging with traditional anvil hammer work. Capable of fitting into a mix of property features, this is one of the most versatile letter plate designs out there.

An incredible piece of quality handmade ironmongery, this letterplate is exceptionally durable, thanks to the salt spray tested, high corrosion construction and the tough UV protected finish.