Set apart by its smooth lines, triangular shapes and streamlined embellishments, Art Deco is a truly timeless style. Born from French architecture and the visual designs of the early 1900s, this form of decorative art began to infiltrate everything from the fashion world to car manufacture and jewellery. By 1928, Art Deco appeared most notably in structures such as the Chrysler Building in Manhattan.

Although it fell out of fashion during both World Wars and became outdated in the 1950s, Deco has had a true resurgence that has transcended many trends. In fact, as home design fads come and go, Art Deco seems eternal. Its glamorous, smart and adventurous qualities don't appear to date like other ornate or minimalist styles and it continues to inspire interior designers year-on-year.

Art Deco is more than just about the Roaring Twenties, it's completely formed its own identity in the modern world of home design. It's also a style that we highly recommend you consider when remodelling your home.

In our latest blog, TBKS give you some of our most popular and enduring Art Deco door furniture ranges. Discover a selection of ornate and ageless pieces that will not only be great now, but will still look effortlessly stylish for years to come.

From The Anvil Art Deco Centre Door Knob

Forged from solid brass and exquisitely made with Art Deco details, this eye-catching centre door knob by From The Anvil is a wonderful addition to any modern or traditional home. The different elevations highlight all of the unique hand finishing that is carried out in Anvil's factory and it comes in a number of finishes such as Antique Brass, Chrome and Black.

Croft Art Deco Letter Plate

This lavish and ornate letter plate encapsulates Deco perfectly and will make a statement on any front door. Choose from a selection of high quality hand-applied finishes including Aged Brass and Satin Nickel to find the perfect fit for your home.

Croft Art Deco Escutcheon

A traditional keyhole escutcheon dressed in a wonderful Deco design. Not only will you get an incredible looking piece, The Croft Foundry guarantee quality and practical function too.

Croft Art Deco Pull Handle on Roses

Sleek and slim, this pull handle is modern in function and embellished with very subtle ornate Art Deco details. A lustrous piece of door furniture that is ideal for injecting a little Deco style into a modern home without it looking too flashy or anachronistic.

Marcus Art Deco Astoria Door Handle

This is a more extreme Deco door handle that really emphasises the straight lines and cascading style. Available in a variety of finishes including Nickel, Chrome, Brass and Bronze.

Art Deco Square Cabinet Knob

Great for giving your cabinets a uniform Art Deco look. This beautifully finished cabinet knob has a geometric style and is available in a range of finishes and sizes to suit your home.

Croft Art Deco Turn and Release

The beautifully crafted privacy turn and release door lock is an exceptionally high quality piece from The Croft Foundry and comes with a stylish Deco back plate and turn. An essential for any home in need of a timeless makeover.

Croft Art Deco Door Knocker

This sleek and sublime door knocker will make an elegant first impression on anyone who is visiting your home. It comes with a lavish yet understated look that uses the Art Deco motifs in a tasteful and understated way.