The phrase "rustic" describes a kind of home decor that is fashioned around simple, naturally aged and organically textured design elements. They may have the rough edges of handmade craftsmanship or the worn-in aesthetic of a classic barn or farmhouse...

But you don't need to live in a remote country house or even a shabby-chic kind of a home to incorporate some rustic pieces into your interior style. In fact, rustic hardware is something that has a timeless appeal, suiting many different homes that tend towards a more classic style. Those rustic details won't go out of fashion and will never fall into cliched or ostentatious design trends - they simply accentuate the cosiness and natural comforts of classic home living.

A great place to start with rustic decor is door hardware. Getting hold of high quality, long-lasting and beautifully finished pieces will make an incredible impression in your home interiors. At TBKS, we will guide you through some of our most stunningly crafted and vintage inspired handles and knobs from the most trusted brands out there, including Marcus, From The Anvil, Kirkpatrick and Finesse.

Marcus Ashfield Black Iron Rustic Lever Handle

This incredibly versatile rustic piece from Marcus has a traditional and charming rustic flavour but with a more structured form. This makes it suitable for both very traditional and highly contemporary homes, or even something in the middle.

Kirkpatrick Lever on Long Plate

This statement-making spring loaded lever handle from Kirkpatrick comes on a long plate and is crafted with richly textured details, giving it a very attractive "lived-in" look.

Cardea Rustic Cabinet Knob

Give your kitchen a powerful rustic makeover with this simple yet effective piece of distressed ironmongery. A brilliant finishing touch to any cabinet doors and drawers.

Marcus Grafton Solid Bronze Lever Handle

Bronze is an incredibly adaptable hardware finish for your home. The Grafton lever is made using molten bronze which flows into cavities within a sand mould - a casting process that leaves light indentations to create a rustic finish.

From The Anvil Deluxe Black Lever

This high quality handle comes with a deluxe black ironmongery finish. Perfect if you're looking for a rustic feel with a more refined aesthetic to suit both modern and traditional homes.

Finesse Fenwick Pewter Lever

The Finesse Fenwick Pewter Lever has an incredible premium patina finish, giving your handle a textured, detailed and authentically aged look.

Marcus Knowle Black Iron Rustic Mortice Knob

Part of the Black Iron Rustic collection, this mortice knob has a chunky classic feel and a simple look based on traditional ironmongery.

Kirkpatrick Twist Espagnolette Iron Door Lever

A more decorative twist on regular rustic styles, this distinctive piece of ironmongery comes with a textured backplate and a lever handle, embellished with unique twist detail. A special powder coating has also been applied for a great finish, before being baked further for added durability.