With the cold, winter weather quickly approaching, it is important for your home to feel warm, cozy and inviting. Here are some winter interior decorating ideas to assist with creating the perfect space to relax in over the chilly season and get rid of those winter blues.

#1. Introduce a Warmer Colour Scheme
A cool, pale and minimalist look may be your thing and it’s great in the spring and summer but once winter shows it’s face it can be chilly and unwelcoming. If you are considering redecorating, choose warm and earthy colours which will guarantee to add depth and a sense of coziness. If you are on a budget you could swap lighter and cooler coloured cushion covers for something more tonal or introduce a snuggly throw in a rich or deep red or brown.

#2. Add Some Texture
Don’t just change the colour of your soft furnishings but choose rich textures as well, such as plush velvet cushions or a teddy bear throw. Faux furs and knits are also perfect for nestling down and relaxing with.

#3. Maximise Light

If you have a room that is north facing or doesn’t have a lot of natural light, there are lots of clever tricks to overcome the darkness. A great way to maximise brightness is to introduce mirrors. They are a simple yet very effective way to reflect light and can offer so much character. Decluttering window sills will also allow more light into any room. Another top tip is to make sure curtains are pulled right back, you could use tie backs such as From The Anvil Curtain Tie Back.

#6. Bring Nature Inside
Greenery can really liven up a room - we have a Christmas tree in our homes every festive season! Nothing is stopping you from bringing a lush green, leafy garland into a hallway or along a staircase. If you are feeling crafty you could add pine cones or orange slices too.

#5. Create a Hot Chocolate Bar
This can be a fantastic focal point and great fun for all of the family and any house guests. Set up a table with a pretty tablecloth and lots of matching mugs and tableware. Then you could use bowls or masonry jars filled with hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and sprinkles. A great opportunity to get the children involved, be creative and indulge in a little treat.

#6. Candles
Even if you don’t light them, candles are a great accessory to include in any room and can easily match, contrast or compliment your colour scheme and other characteristic features. They can provide additional cosy lighting and a comforting fragrance.

#7. Make a firewood display
You could use a coal scuttle loaded with kindling or create a natural log pile next to or in your unused fireplace. This will bring a subtle yet, warming, and let’s not forget practical, feature to any room.

#8. Winter Centrepiece
Why not create a winter centrepiece using glass baubles, pine cones and tealights. You could arrange them neatly onto a large platter or stack them on to a multi-tier cake stand. Perfect for any dining or coffee table and will take you right through the Christmas period and beyond.

#9. Tartan
Tartan or plaid always feels wintry. It is an excellent choice for bringing colour and fun patterns into your home whilst changing direction from the sunny tones.

#10. Moody and Edgy Accents

Why not swap those pale-looking vases for several graphic or ceramic vases in dark shades and arrange them on your mantle. You could also complement this look by changing colourful lamp shades for black ones bringing a real edgy vibe.

#11. Birch
Birch accessories, such as vases and candle holders are very much on trend right now and they bring a really natural and homely feel. You can use them to create a centerpiece or fill vases with seasonal flowers or branches.

#12. Decorate the Mantle
If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace with a mantle, decorate it so that it becomes the focal point of the room. You can do this using candles, garlands or winter greenery.

#13. Little Winter Touches
If you need something a little less dramatic from your winter interior decorating, introduce little touches of the season instead such as some miniature potted firs, a few big church candles or a collection of snowflake ornament.

#14. Create a Soothing Entrance
Eucalyptus is well known for it’s soothing properties. Hang some near your front door to give a calm and welcoming fragrance to anyone who comes into your home. If you don’t have a coat rack or hooks already, browse our range here.

#15. Winter Scents
Use seasonal scents such as cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, or even some pot-pourri displayed in glass jars, dishes or vases to add a warm and inviting ambiance.

There are so many winter interior decorating ideas for you to choose from, we hope that you find something that will bring warmth and comfort to you home this wintertime.